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We have created this section of the site to answer the most common questions we recieve here at J & B Coachworks. If you are still unsure about any aspects of the service we offer, please feel free to contact us via the form located on the contact us page. For information regarding courtesy car rules click on the link below to download a PDF, again if you have any questions please do contact us.

Courtesy Car Rules

Q1)Why do I have to pay my excess when it's not my fault?

If you are claiming on your own insurance you have to pay this amount direct to the repairer. Usually if the accident was not your fault your insurer will refund your excess when the claim is finally settled.

Q2)If I don't go to a main dealer will this affect any claim I may make under my warranty?

Any repair work undertaken by the repairer mean they will then assume responsibility for those panels however the same conditions of warranty must be observed.

Q3)I have been told I have to pay a contribution towards the repairs carried out, why?

In a small number of cases the insurance company may ask you for a contribution or betterment payment to the repairs carried out. This usually happens only in cases where the repair or replacement of parts of the vehicle returns it to a better condition than before the accident. An example of this would be the replacements of a set of wheels and tyres on a vehicle. The amount payable should be agreed in advance between you and your insurer. We are again responsible for collecting this amount on behalf of your insurance company which will be subject to VAT.

Q4)Why didn't the assessor come and inspect my vehicle?

Many insurance companies now use the latest technology and view digital images of your vehicle taken by the repairer.

Q5)My car is uneconomical to repair. Why do I not get a courtesy car?

Not all insurance policies make provision for the supply of a replacement vehicle in the event of your car being written off. Check your policy wording.

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When does my car need to have a MOT?
If your car is more than 3 years old it will need a MOT test each year to ensure that it meets at least the minimum road safety and environmental standards.

My car has passed its MOT, does that mean it's safe until its next test?
NO, a MOT only relates to the condition of the testable items at the time of the test. It is NOT evidence of the general condition of the vehicle.

How much does a MOT cost?
The Vehicle and Operators Service Agency (VOSA) recommended fees are currently £44.15 for Class IV Vehicles. However many garages do not charge the full fee.

I have lost my certificate, how do I get a replacement?
The MOT station who originally issued your certificate can supply a duplicate. There will be a charge; the maximum fee is £10.00 or half the full fee (if less).

My friend says he has a 13 month MOT certificate, is this possible?
Yes! The MOT test can be carried out up to one calendar month prior to the expiry date of an existing certificate, provided that the current certificate is presented to the examiner at the time of the test, e.g your certificate expires on 24th December 2005, so the MOT can be carried out from the 25th November 2005 onwards.

I disagree with the test result, what should I do?
Do not carry out any work on your vehicle. You must complete an appeal form (VT17) obtainable from any MOT test station or ring the VOSA enquiry line on 0845 600 5977. You must complain within 14 working days of the test and a full test fee is payable. They will then offer an appointment within 5 working days to recheck your vehicle. If your appeal is successful some or all of the test fee will be refunded to you.

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